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​Solar Energy as an Emerging Market: Hiring Opportunities and Challenges for Solar Companies

The global drive towards sustainable energy solutions and the need to combat high electricity prices have propelled businesses in the UK and Europe to adopt on-site renewable energy sources. Solar ...

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Rise Insights - June 2023: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Monthly Insight – Equality, Diversity & Inclusion As a recruitment consultancy, we play a massive role in impacting Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. Demonstrating a commitment is significant for b...

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Energy Power Lines

The Most Promising Energy Markets of 2023

What to look out for across the Energy Sector in 2023​After just over a year of conflict in Eastern Europe, there still remains an air of uncertainty across the entirety of Europe when it comes to ...

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​Less is More when Choosing your Recruitment Agency.​As a Hiring Manager facing the daunting prospect of recruiting in the current skill-deficient marketplace, you would be forgiven for having som...

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The Way Ahead For Renewable Energy

The Way Ahead for Renewable Energy

​With growing commitment to international decarbonisation and transitioning to Net-Zero, now is a better time than ever to be involved in the Renewable Energy industry.Following the reveal of the...

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Recruitment Trends In 2022

Recruitment Trends in 2022

​The key theme from the 2021 job market left us with two words — candidate driven. Fundamentally, there are more roles out there than skilled candidates to fill them.As we draw into 2022, there is ...

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Experience Vs Personality

Experience vs Personality - What's More Important?

​What should you look for in a new employee? Someone whose skills and experience hit the mark or the person whose experience may not be quite right, but would be a great fit for your organisation?...

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Hiring In A Candidate Driven Market

Hiring In A Candidate Driven Market

Our clients often talk to us about the difficulties of recruiting in a ‘candidate driven’ market. It certainly is competitive out there at the moment. The internet has made job hunting easier tha...

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