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Men’s Mental Health Week

​Men’s Mental Health Week.A week that is largely recognised but ironically a week that many men across the country don’t want to be associated with. Figures have declared that 77% of all men acro...

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The Skills Shortage - Recruiting into Technology

​The Skills ShortageSo, if you’ve attempted to recruit recently, you’ll be fully aware of the MASSIVE shortage of skills across Software, Data, and IT. There are a few reasons why and there are fe...

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Ramadan at Rise

​Ramadan at RiseStarting in a new company can be a challenge in itself but beginning a new chapter and entering into the month of Ramadan is something which can be overwhelming. Ramadan is the mo...

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​Less is More when Choosing your Recruitment Agency.​As a Hiring Manager facing the daunting prospect of recruiting in the current skill-deficient marketplace, you would be forgiven for having som...

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Mental Health Awareness Week

​This week at Rise, we’ve been discussing mental health and loneliness. Here at Rise, and I’m sure across the UK, there have been lots of discussions this week surrounding mental health and high...

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Future For Construction

The Future of Construction

​When you think of construction, you typically think of brick and mortar, alongside busy and noisy construction sites, but is this the future for the industry? According to Business Wire, ‘The con...

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The Way Ahead For Renewable Energy

The Way Ahead for Renewable Energy

​With growing commitment to international decarbonisation and transitioning to Net-Zero, now is a better time than ever to be involved in the Renewable Energy industry.Following the reveal of the...

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Stress Awareness and Management

​Awareness & BalanceWhether it’s consequence of a modern fast-paced life, the pandemic, or simultaneously juggling career, family & social commitments (and probably a million other), stres...

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