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Rise Insights - June 2023: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Monthly Insight – Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

As a recruitment consultancy, we play a massive role in impacting Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. Demonstrating a commitment is significant for both the candidates we represent and clients we partner with.

We’re pleased to provide an overview of the external advice we tailor to our clients;

  • Providing ED&I reporting & statistics – gaining sensitive information from candidates at application stage proves tricky due to GDPR. However, using readily available information, including the Census can allow you to track representation levels across your local areas.

  • Company branding & advertising - we advise clients to ensure the recruitment process is accessible as possible; ensuring job adverts are written with inclusive language and publishing any awards, group memberships, accreditations or commitments.

  • Networking with local groups – support and mentoring can be key for attracting and retaining a diverse workforce. You can reach out to local charity and initiatives who will provide support for your organisation.

  • Engaging with STEM in Schools, Colleges & Universities - we want to be encouraging a future diverse workforce, this can include having a presence at schools and partnering with groups that are already doing this. Alongside this at College/ Uni careers fair. The uptake for Women in STEM hasn’t seen too much improvement in recent years, however integrating with these campaigns can assist with this.

  • Internal training & support – it is important your employees understand what commitments you are making to ED&I. You can do this by setting up an ED&I taskforce, appointing one member of your senior leadership team responsible for reporting on ED&I or setting up training sessions to cover unconscious bias, or workplace equality.


Here at Rise we regularly support clients with their ED&I initiatives, to find out more or hear about a tailored approach for your business, contact Alice Hulme –