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Wind Energy Jobs Take Off as Labour Lifts Onshore Wind Ban

The UK's energy sector is set for a major boost following the Labour government's decision to scrap the ban on new onshore wind farms in England. This is a significant change long-advocated for by the renewable energy industry, and it opens exciting new opportunities for clean energy jobs across the UK.

What does this mean for recruitment?

With the ban lifted, recruitment in the following areas is expected to rise:

  • Wind Turbine Technicians: These skilled professionals will be needed to install, maintain, and repair onshore wind turbines.

  • Project Managers: Large-scale wind farm projects require experienced project managers to oversee construction, ensure regulatory compliance, and manage budgets.

  • Engineers: Several engineering disciplines will be in demand, including civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers to design, build, and maintain wind farms.

  • Environmental Consultants: Ensuring wind projects meet environmental regulations is crucial. Environmental consultants will be needed to assess potential impacts and propose mitigation strategies.

This is great news for the UK's energy independence, but it also creates a demand for a skilled workforce. Rise Energy will play a vital role in connecting employers with qualified candidates to develop and maintain this clean energy source.

Rise Technical is a specialist in engineering recruitment. Our energy division is currently working with some of the largest UK renewable companies, assisting them to transform the landscape in the move to net zero.

The Labour government has also pledged to double the UK's onshore wind capacity by 2030. This ambitious target signifies continued growth in the sector, making it a great time to focus your recruitment efforts on wind energy.