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The Most Promising Energy Markets of 2023

What to look out for across the Energy Sector in 2023

After just over a year of conflict in Eastern Europe, there still remains an air of uncertainty across the entirety of Europe when it comes to energy. In Britain, we saw energy prices and the cost-of-living crisis being some of the more prominent news stories of the year, so it is fair to say that the energy market is at the forefront of many people’s minds. For anyone looking to develop their career in the Energy sector I want to put your mind at rest, and discuss some of the trends we are seeing going into 2023.

Renewable Energy:

Renewable energy is arguably the most discussed area in the energy sector right now, with governments across the world heavily investing in the sector to achieve their net zero targets. In fact, job opportunities in this sector are growing four times faster than any other sector in the UK employment market, providing those who want to contribute to addressing climate change a significant opportunity to enter one of the most dynamic industries in Europe.


Due to the sharp increase in electricity prices in 2022, many households have looked to alternative methods of generating their electricity. One of the main alternatives people have looked to is solar. Thanks to this massive increase in demand, the solar installation industry is predicted to grow by nearly 53% in 2023, one of the steepest predicted growth trajectories across all sectors. For individuals who are curious about pursuing a career in the renewable energy industry, exploring the solar sector is becoming an increasingly promising avenue.

EV Charging:

With the UK government setting the goal of ending the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030, it is fair to say that the EV charging sector is one which is almost guaranteed to grow over the next 10+ years. With 15,000 public charge points already installed across the UK, the EV market has seen huge growth over the past few years but is a long way off where it needs to be. With rapid growth expected again throughout 2023, this is definitely a sector to keep an eye on!

Power Generation:

While renewable energy might be the more contemporary option, as it stands renewable energy only makes up around 35-40% of the UK’s energy market. The remaining market share is made up of traditional energy sources such as oil, gas and nuclear power stations. Despite the drive towards renewable energy, there is still opportunity to be found within these sectors as many of the ‘big six’ energy companies develop their power generation methods. With opportunities to work on a variety of projects and travel internationally, this is a great sector for anyone who is looking to develop their skills in a specialist industry.


With the past century’s innovation in water conditioning, It is easy to forget how much we take accessible water for granted. In the Summer of 2022, that luxury was stretched to the limit with hosepipe bans in place throughout the UK and serious worries about water supply for certain areas. This year, the UK’s water industry will face serious challenges as it deals with the UK’s changing climate and ensuring all 50 million households in the UK continue to have essential water services. This means that we are seeing an increase in demand for workers in the water industry, especially in the treatment and distribution fields.

Looking forward…

Despite some of the hurdles faced over the last year or so, there has been significant growth in emerging and innovative markets in the sector. With promise of high demand in newly established fields of work, 2023 is looking to be a promising time to develop a professional career path within energy.