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The Most Promising Tech Markets of 2023

What to look out for across the Tech Sector in 2023

This is the million dollar question! If we could guarantee trends we’d definitely already be on a beach somewhere with all of our millions but we’re more than happy to talk about what we think will happen this year, and industries and sectors that will be well worth your time exploring further. If you’ve been laid off recently, graduated (or graduating this year), or just fancy a change here are some industries to keep your eyes on:

Surely you’ve had a play on ChatGPT! If not, please do. AI is seeing massive growth at the moment across the globe and worldwide we’re expecting over 10% growth in the industry worth, investment, and headcount growth. In 2021, 60% of all AI companies in the UK were based in London, but with the increase of “work from anywhere” you don’t necessarily need to live there to break into the industry anymore. The UK is consistently ranked in the top 3 of best countries for AI research and development - competing with the US and Singapore. This is an industry that’s well worth looking into this year!

Cloud Computing:
Another sector looking at double-digit growth in 2023. Cloud computing has come a long way over the last 10 years. We’re seeing that many businesses are continuing their business change and transformation projects and many are looking to further utilise the cloud. Cloud Computing is allowing Infrastructure to be much more flexible, scalable, and often is saving business thousands of pounds, and reducing the need for costly on-premise solutions! Definitely an industry to watch this year.

This is a consistently changing industry! With a scary statistic of 60% of small businesses closing down within 6 months of a cyberattack, Cybersecurity is essential. We’re predicting an increase in hiring internal Cybersecurity positions as well as third-party cybersecurity companies. The industry as a whole is tracking just under 10% growth over the last 5 years and we see no reason that will slow down throughout 2023!

We’ve all seen Boston Dynamics’ videos highlighting their latest humanoid and canine-esq robotics (if you haven’t - well worth 5 minutes on YouTube!) but this is just the tip of the iceberg! Robots have got smarter, faster, more reliable, easier to programme, and both smaller and larger. The entire industry is tracking circa 30% growth this decade so far and this shows no signs of stopping! Everything from autonomous remote control cars used to inspect water pipes, commercial drone delivery, and self-driving personal helicopters are being developed and refined in the UK!

There’s plenty of other industries and sectors also experiencing growth too though! Our advice is find something you’re passionate about, learn what you can about it, and specialise your skillset to that industry. An industry doesn’t have to hyper-growth for you to excel in it! There’s always going to be something to disrupt, something new to learn and engage with, and something that none of us are expecting. I imagine the Metaverse and Crypto will continue to expand and diversify! The only thing we can say with any certainty is that Fortran Development jobs don’t come up very often.