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The Way Ahead for Renewable Energy

​With growing commitment to international decarbonisation and transitioning to Net-Zero, now is a better time than ever to be involved in the Renewable Energy industry.

Following the reveal of the Government’s strategy for energy independence earlier this month, a number of UK Renewable Energy disciplines such as Nuclear, Solar and Wind are set for a continued period of significant growth over the coming years.

Prevalent at mainly the domestic and commercial levels, Solar has already been poised to benefit greatly from the news back in March that VAT would be abolished on energy saving measures specifically for households, and with the new energy strategy comes promise of an easing of planning legislation to support the timely delivery of larger-scale Solar Farms. In particular, Agrivoltaics will be an industry to watch over the coming months and years.

This relaxing of planning legislation is also set to benefit the Offshore Wind industry, with goals in place to quarter the time taken for projects to pass through the approval process. Much of the UK’s Energy, let alone Renewable Energy, already comes from Wind and this is only set to grow, supported by developments in Floating Wind systems and the scaling up of turbines.

Nuclear, while somewhat controversial, already supplies about 20% of our Energy and with a new government body on its way to support project delivery we can expect this sector to account for not only more of our energy, but importantly more affordable energy for all.

When talking about Renewable Energy, it is always important to acknowledge those pioneering new and complex alternatives such as advances in Battery Storage, Carbon Capture and Storage, Bioenergy and Hydrogen. The sun won’t always shine and the wind won’t always blow, so those helping to diversify our sources of Renewable Energy play an equally important role in helping us reach the Net-Zero target that we have no option but to pursue.

Reaching a Net-Zero future in our lifetime would not be possible without the companies, investors & individuals that take risks where others would settle for the status-quo. Big or small, the efforts, contributions, support and commitment of every single person in the industry is helping to make a better tomorrow.

We still have a long way to go, but it has been inspiring to work with some of the most creative minds in this industry. This Earth Day, let’s be thankful for the amazing people and companies who give something back to our planet and work towards a better future for us all.