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Showing Your Company Culture to Potential Employees & Recruiters

​In today's job market, potential employees are not only looking for a good salary and benefits package, but they are also looking for a company culture that aligns with their values and beliefs. F...

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Handing in your Notice and Dealing with Counter Offers

Once you've received your offer letter from your new company, you need to prepare to hand in your notice.Try not to feel guilty about resigning - remember the reasons why you decided to leave.  It'...

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Mental Health Blog

Mental Health Awareness Day

​It’s no secret that mental health has become an increasingly spoken about topic in recent years, but why is it so important to talk about? The stigma surrounding the term ‘mental health’ is someth...

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Interview Tips and Techniques

​The idea of interviewing for a role you’ve been pursuing for so long can appear to be quite daunting, but with the right approach you can execute your interview with ease and confidence! There are...

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Men’s Mental Health Week

​Men’s Mental Health Week.A week that is largely recognised but ironically a week that many men across the country don’t want to be associated with. Figures have declared that 77% of all men acro...

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Ramadan At Rise

Ramadan at Rise

​Ramadan at RiseStarting in a new company can be a challenge in itself but beginning a new chapter and entering into the month of Ramadan is something which can be overwhelming. Ramadan is the mo...

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

​This week at Rise, we’ve been discussing mental health and loneliness. Here at Rise, and I’m sure across the UK, there have been lots of discussions this week surrounding mental health and high...

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