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Men’s Mental Health Week

​Men’s Mental Health Week.A week that is largely recognised but ironically a week that many men across the country don’t want to be associated with. Figures have declared that 77% of all men acro...

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Ramadan at Rise

​Ramadan at RiseStarting in a new company can be a challenge in itself but beginning a new chapter and entering into the month of Ramadan is something which can be overwhelming. Ramadan is the mo...

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Mental Health Awareness Week

​This week at Rise, we’ve been discussing mental health and loneliness. Here at Rise, and I’m sure across the UK, there have been lots of discussions this week surrounding mental health and high...

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Stress Awareness and Management

​Awareness & BalanceWhether it’s consequence of a modern fast-paced life, the pandemic, or simultaneously juggling career, family & social commitments (and probably a million other), stres...

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Setting and Achieving Goals

​Setting and Achieving Goals We are a few weeks into January 2022 and there are usually three types of people;1.       Those who made New Year’s resolutions and everything is going well.2.       ...

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Women In Engineering; #raisingthebar

​On June 23rd we’ll be supporting International Women in Engineering day, an international campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering. We know that many of our clients are keen to increa...

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Preparing For The Perfect Interview

​We know that not everyone, in fact hardly anyone, relishes job interviews. In fact, interviewing well is a skill in itself, so we make sure that our candidates get the support and guidance they ne...

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Employer Brand and Attracting The Right Talent

​Employer brand and attracting the right talent: Employer brand is a phrase that’s been doing the rounds for a number of years now. It’s essentially the way a business communicates its strategy, v...

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