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​Rise Insights - August 2023: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

In today’s competitive market, embracing diverse & inclusive hiring practices can be a strategic advantage for employers...

But even businesses who are actively searching for diverse applicants are struggling to find them.

  • 48% of employers say they struggle to find diverse candidates because they have limited access to diverse networks. (LinkedIn)

  • A study in the UK found that racial discrimination in hiring is still prevalent, with minority ethnic applicants facing significant disadvantage compared to white applicants. (Centre for Social Investigation, University of Oxford)

  • 75% of HR professionals and hiring managers are influenced by their own unconscious biases when making hiring decisions. (Harvard Business Review)

Creating partnerships in this area can provide organisations with the knowledge and tools needed to create an inclusive workplace. Rise Technical has outlined our internal steps, short term & long-term solutions we offer to our clients.

Internal Commitment

Mental Health First Aiders – our We Rise Together initiative saw the launch of Mental Health First Aiders that are based across all three of our offices.

ED&I team – our employees lead an ED&I team which works to create change across the business. They hold unconscious bias training for all existing employees and the leadership team.

Engaging with STEM – we partner with local schools and colleges to improve the exposure of STEM subjects to diverse backgrounds.

Commitment to Net Zero – we plant a tree for every successful placement.

Short term

Inclusive advertising – we work with organisations to ensure that all adverts, content and media posted are inclusive for all applying. This includes the language written in job advertisements.

Community engagement – we support with partnerships across your local community so you can have a presence at trade shows, employment fairs and networking events.

Industry insights – we’ll provide regular insights across the permanent and temporary global recruitment market, so you can stay up to date with an ever-changing industry.

Long term

Succession Planning – our core offering is succession planning. We can help to pipeline candidates for the leadership roles you will look for in the future. We ensure that you have a diverse pipeline of candidates that will consider your roles, to ensure a diverse shortlist upon recruitment.


To find out more about how we can support your Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace please contact our Client Engagement Director, Alice Hulme.

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