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​Solar Energy as an Emerging Market: Hiring Opportunities and Challenges for Solar Companies

The global drive towards sustainable energy solutions and the need to combat high electricity prices have propelled businesses in the UK and Europe to adopt on-site renewable energy sources. Solar energy has emerged as a crucial player in this transition, with several major companies within the industry witnessing a surge in demand for their services.

As solar power continues to gain momentum, it not only promises cleaner energy but also offers a diverse range of job opportunities within the industry.

However, the rapid growth of the solar sector also presents its own set of challenges, such as talent shortages and the need to compete on a global scale to attract skilled workers. In this blog post, we will explore the current state of the solar industry, the job prospects it offers, and the challenges solar companies face in hiring talent.

The Solar Industry's Growth and Job Prospects

The solar industry is experiencing significant growth, making it an attractive market for individuals seeking a career in sustainability. The industry's potential extends beyond providing cleaner energy, with a diverse array of job opportunities available.

Embracing a career in sustainability is a smart and forward-thinking move, offering prospects in numerous sectors. As solar energy continues to grow, so does the demand for skilled professionals and manual workers within the industry.

Challenges in Hiring Within the Renewable Energy Sector

Despite the opportunities, solar companies face several challenges when it comes to hiring skilled workers. One of the primary challenges is the talent shortage within the renewable energy sector, leading to a significant skills gap. This shortage is not limited to local markets; it is a national and global issue. For instance, in the US, it is projected that over 900,000 skilled workers will be needed to meet renewable energy goals nationally and in the UK the demand for solar installers alone has grown by 315% and are requiring a further 6,000 new engineers per year to keep up to date with industry requirements.

To counteract this shortage, companies are seeking talent from around the world, competing on a global scale rather than just locally. Offering sponsorships for candidates looking to relocate to the UK or those already based there needing sponsorship is becoming common practice. This allows companies to tap into a wider talent pool and gain a competitive advantage.

Five Strategies to Find the Best Talent Amid the Skills Shortage

To attract the best talent despite the skills shortage, solar companies can adopt the following strategies:

1. Employee Offerings: Provide attractive benefits beyond salary and traditional perks, including training, development opportunities, and clear career progression.

2. Cultural Change: Focus on diversity and inclusion strategies to foster a more diverse workforce and create an inclusive work environment.

3. Employer Branding: Build a strong company brand that presents the organization as an employer of choice, promoting it through social media platforms like LinkedIn and the company's website.

4. Global Mobilisation: Source talent from other countries and be willing to offer sponsorships to relocate candidates.

5. Recruitment Support: Partner with specialist renewable energy recruitment consultants, like Rise Energy, to access a pool of skilled talent in the solar industry.

Solar Industry Challenges for 2023

As the solar industry continues to expand, it faces several challenges:

1. Increased Demand for Solar Panels: The growing demand for solar products requires solar companies to maintain high energy production efficiency and sustainability.

2. Need for Competitiveness: With the solar market projected to reach $373 billion by 2029, solar companies must remain competitive to thrive.

3. Talent Shortages: As the solar industry booms, the demand for skilled workers exceeds the available talent pool.


The solar energy industry is rapidly evolving, offering promising job prospects for those interested in sustainability. As businesses move towards greener energy solutions, the demand for solar products and installations continues to rise, creating an urgent need for skilled professionals in the field.

Despite the challenges of talent shortages and global competition, solar companies can attract the best talent through strategic recruitment practices and by cultivating an inclusive work environment. By addressing these challenges head-on, the solar industry can continue to thrive and contribute significantly to a more sustainable future.