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Thinking of starting a career in recruitment?

Thinking of starting a career in recruitment?

Here’s some tips from our leadership team.

Starting in your first job or taking a leap into a new career path is always a daunting prospect! I know looking back on when I first started in recruitment, I had no idea what to expect but was set on throwing myself into the role.

I’ve spoken to some of the managers and teams in our offices, who have shared some advice for anyone thinking about starting out in a career in recruitment.

  • “There aren’t many careers where you don’t need any previous skills or experience that can offer you a platform to genuinely change your life and the lives of those around you for the better!”

  • “Be positive, resilient and remember your “why”. The first year will be tough, but the future you will be thankful that you were the most driven person in the room!”

  • “It’s rare to find a role where you truly are directly compensated for the effort you put in – what you put in is what you’ll get out.”

  • “You don’t always know exactly where it’s going to take you, but start with a clear plan with where you want to be in the future from a career perspective. Understanding it’s going to take dedication, hard work and resilience to achieve all of your short-, medium- and long-term goals (inside and outside of work). Use your goals to inspire you each day and get you through those tough days!”

  • “Your career isn’t defined by one bad week or one bad month – it’s a marathon not a sprint!”

  • “Don’t sweat the small stuff”


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