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Rosie Hathaway

Recruitment Consultant

Getting my first post-graduation job during a Pandemic was daunting, I managed to secure a role as an Associate at Rise and didn’t even realize the opportunity I had been given. Since starting some months ago I have become more confident, more positive and have never been more motivated when it comes to progressing my career. Rise has provided a platform to success and working in an office filled with like-minded and driven colleagues offers the perfect environment for personal growth. Since my very first day I have been supported by all of my colleagues, from fellow associates to directors of the business. I am almost certain you would not find a more positive and empowering place to work than Rise.

A key achievement of mine is making my first placement in my first 2 months of working at the business, I was also the first consultant to place in the Netherlands. Being a founding member of Rise Energy Europe is something I take deep pride in and working a new market offers the challenges I need to keep me motivated.

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